2014 Goal (Not Resolution!)


The start of the new year always brings resolutions.  I don’t do resolutions.  Or at least I haven’t for a good while now.  Probably for the same reason I don’t make a big deal out of New Year’s Eve – because it’s just another day.  Granted we are welcoming in a new year but life doesn’t instantaneously change just because it’s a new year.  Life changes because it does and it happens at any time of the year – my family is proof of that.  So why wait for January 1st to make a change?  You should have done it when you realized you needed a change.

But, for fear of being viewed as a New Year’s Eve Scrooge, I’ll share my GOALS…not resolutions for 2014.  J  My main goal is to go to grad school.  You see, after many years out of high school and college I have finally realized what I want to be when I grow up.  I had been shamelessly calling myself a job hopper because this girl was NEVER satisfied, never happy at pretty much any job that I have ever held (I take that back – I loved the times I stayed home with the boys and dedicated myself to my family and our household).  Truth be told, if I didn’t have a family it wouldn’t have bothered me.  But for years I struggled with the fact that I was not satisfied with my jobs and I’m the type of person to up and leave if I don’t feel personal growth and satisfaction.  Not good when you contribute to your family’s income.  Paul was always worried and it was common for people to say, “Where do you work – now?”

Well that changes in 2014.  After Joaquin passed away I finally…FINALLY…realized what I was meant to do.  It came clear as day as only God can do when you actually…yes, listen. The days during Joaquin’s services I felt that oh-so-familiar pull towards helping people and more specifically, grieving people.  I felt called towards some sort of ministry that dealt with bereavement.  And then, amidst the tears that were flowing down my friends face while she knelt by Joaquin’s casket, as I draped my arms around her, my friend looked up at me said, “You should be a counselor”.  In true Christie form I laughed and said “Ok.  But God doesn’t forgive GPAs.”.  And then I realized, yes he most certainly does.  He forgives almost everything if you truly repent.  And let me tell you, I truly repent my darn grades!!  Eeek!!  But there it was.  There was that pull that I was feeling…but in the spoken word.

In 2014 I will attempt, with my low GPA, to get into the Masters of Education in Counseling and Guidance program (with a concentration in Community Counseling).   It may be a challenge, but here’s the deal with people that have dealt with the loss of a child (and are surviving, I should clarify).  We’ve been dealt the absolute worst.hand.EVER.   So after surviving that do I actually think that my low GPA will keep from the program and what I am truly meant to be?  That’s a big fat NO, y’all!!  It’ll be more difficult, that’s for sure, but what’s life without some challenges.