So Many Books, So Little Time

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I love to read.  In 2013 I read my share of books especially when I got my Kindle for Christmas 2012.  I was a little hesitant to read books on my Kindle at first because I love holding books.  Yes, I’m one of those people that loves the library and the smell of old books.  One of the first books I remember ordering on my Kindle was Water for Elephants.  I never saw the movie but I loved the book.

But after Joaquin passed away in October of 2013 my Kindle has been getting a break as I received so many books from tons of friends.  Getting books was kind of funny in the beginning.  I would be in the middle of one, then I would receive another and I was tempted to leave the one I was reading and I ended up overwhelmed.  So I plowed through each of these.

Books 2

The only one that I haven’t finished is a Grief Unveiled.  And I want to because it’s the story of a devout Catholic dad who loses his young son and the struggles he and his family faces.  The beginning of the book was very difficult to read as the story reminded me so much of Joaquin’s passing but then I got distracted with other books (see what I’m talking about??) and I put it down.  The part I most want to get to is his account from 15 years after his son’s passing.  These days I am always interested in how parents move on with their lives after their child dies.  Makes me wonder what my life will be like 15 years down the road without Joaquin.

Anyway – on my list for 2014 so far are these…

Books 1

1)       The Bible – and let me tell you that one is the one I am having problems with.  A friend of mine gave me a 90 day reading plan to read through it historically and I’m not even halfway through it.

2)      The Art and Craft of Storytelling – gifted to me by a professor/writer friend as encouragement to hone my writing skills and hopefully write a book of my own one day in the near future.  Another goal for 2014!!

3)      One Last Time – so I’m kind of embarrassed to say that this was THE first book I bought after Joaquin passed away.  But I am almost done with it and I have to say it is perfect for what I needed at the moment.  I too have had many messages from Joaquin and this book affirms that I am not going crazy.  🙂

4)      When People Grieve – a book given to me by another grieving mom from Victoria, TX.  She also gave me another book by the same author, Paul D’Arcy called Sarah’s Song which detailed her diary from pregnancy with her first born to the day that she died as a toddler.  Very touching.

5)      The Deeper Wound – my first Deepak Chopra book gifted to me by the same friend that gave me the Art of Storytelling.  Life has a new meaning these days…maybe his views will help.

6)      The Imitation of Christ – supposedly the best book next to the bible.  I am really looking forward to this one.

7)      Heaven is For Real – I had heard of this book many times before but I recently saw the clip for the movie with Greg Kinnear and I cried so much that one of my besties passed along her copy.  Everyone says I will love it.  Sidenote:  it was sitting on the dining room table and guessed who picked it up first?  Paul.  I guess we’re both interested in what Joaquin could have seen when he went home to God.

I really can’t wait to get started on all of these books.  What books are you reading in 2014 or what else would you recommend?


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