My Spiritual Challenge

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Today I will start another challenge besides the one that involves me not cleaning my plate after every meal (proving to be a challenge in and of itself, thank you very much).  Since Joaquin’s passing I have basically had a thirst for God.  As my friend put it the other day – I will do anything and everything I can to make sure I get to Heaven when our good Lord calls me home.  In the midst of all this sadness I have managed (thankfully so) to not be angry at God.  What a saving grace!  I am sad.  I struggle. I hurt.  I miss Joaquin tremendously.  I pray that the memories he left me never fade.  But I have never been angry.

And because I am thirsting for God so much, my friend suggested that I participate in a 33 Day Consecration To Jesus Through Mary.  After reading what it entails, my initial reaction was, “No way.  I am so not worthy of this.”  My friend chuckled when I told her how I felt.  Perhaps I needed her to explain things further to me.  And she did.

According to my pal, the 33 Day Consecration To Jesus Through Mary is a beautiful and very powerful 33 days of devotion to our Blessed Mother.  My friend explained that she once heard that if one wants to get to the heart of Jesus the faster way, then go through His Blessed Mother, (To Jesus, Through Mary.) You start the consecration 33 days before a Marian feast day so that would be today and it would end on December 8, The Immaculate Conception.  Another option is to start on November 9 and end the 33 days on December 12, Our Lady of Guadalupe.  My friend told me there was an app for it as well but that confused me even more.  Yes, it sends you all the prayers for each day but judging from what I was looking at, it looked like I would be praying for three hours or something like that (ok, I am probably exaggerating but it just didn’t seem as easy as my friend promised).

I was still a little on the fence about things but midway last week I felt called and ready to do it.  So I called up my friend and told her I was in.  She was sweet and made it super easy for me and even ordered a book for me to follow along.  She said the prayers take 10 minutes – NOT three hours so I was totally in.   I am sharing this challenge with you because I am such a rookie when it comes to stuff like this and I want you to come along for the ride.  You see – grief is never ending.  I am never going to get over it.  And even with all the acceptance and peace in my heart I will never stop missing Joaquin.  Through all this, I have chosen to embrace the spiritual side of grief.  So know
that this rookie is willing and ready to make a fool of herself and share exactly what it’s like to get that much closer to God.  If it means that you’ll learn something too, then count me in!!

Wanna learn a bit more about what I am about to embark on?  Check out this link


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