This Thing Called Grief


I cry.  Yes, trust me – I do cry.  After all our company left yesterday and after finally getting caught up on Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, Paul and I decided we were exhausted.  Do you blame us?  We have been going on overdrive since our sweetpea went Home one week ago today.  So we headed to the dark bedroom and got in bed.  And there, we cried.  And cried.  And we fell asleep.

20 minutes later I woke up.  Like I literally jolted up.  Paul asked if I was ok and I said, “Yeah, I’m done”.  So here’s the deal.  I think I am just really focusing on God and Joaquin’s fighting spirit that I make myself not dwell.  I practically force myself not to.  Last night before bedtime I was missing Joaquin’s voice and I wanted to desperately listen to the videos I have on my phone of him.  But I felt like my wound was so deep at that moment that it just didn’t seem like the wisest idea.  Instead I took a quick peek at his pictures, inhaled the smell on his pajamas and went to bed.

This morning I decided to check out the five stages of grief and I am either doing things backwards or I have finally excelled in something.  Check them out.

Denial and Isolation – ok.  I think I did this.  But I did this in the hospital.  I never isolated myself but I think I was in denial or really, really holding on to hope.

Anger – I have only dealt with anger once so far.  And that was when a family member was making our family’s mourning about them and carrying out a little too dramatically.  I raged in anger and didn’t care who heard me.  This was OUR child.  How dare you drape yourself over my casket and wail uncontrollably while my six year old watches and goes from happy to scared.  How dare you?  If anyone should be doing this it should be me.  And I didn’t.  I weep in private for the sake of my living child.  Am I wrong?  Who the heck knows?  All I know is that I was livid.

Bargaining – my bargaining came in prayer form.  I mean like hard core, all night vigil prayer form.  And it worked.  He was completely healed.

Depression – I am not depressed.  I am sad.  I miss him so much.  But I refuse to be depressed.  REFUSE.  Joaquin was a happy child and I feel like I have a bit of him in me therefore I cannot be depressed.  I feel like he tells me to get up and GO!!  And what mommy doesn’t listen to their kiddos when they get that demanding.  Thank you, baby boy.

Acceptance – the most beautiful part for me.  I accepted Joaquin’s passing when I soaked in the word of God.  He was telling me it was time to let go.  Yesterday Paul and I spoke about when we really think Joaquin died.  Medically it was at 4:15 am last Friday morning.  But we think perhaps his soul had left his sweet body earlier.  We were trying to pinpoint exactly when but that’s kind of impossible.  Then I wondered.  What if he died when I spoke to Chaplain Ana?  When she whispered things I can’t remember.  When I heard her call me a woman of God.  When I exhaled and inhaled in her arms.  How can I not accept it when it happens so beautifully?

So – my grief has been all over the place.  A lot like me!!  And it doesn’t matter.  As long as you get it done.

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5 thoughts on “This Thing Called Grief

  1. Ok. So I think this is my favorite post from you so far. So honest and raw. I would have been furious too! So good for you! I truly believe its within our power to choose how we continue with our life after tragedy. You can either wallow in self pity and be depressed or you can refuse to be depressed and just experience the sadness but not let it consume you. So go ahead, cry, scream and get pissed but ultimately Choose Joy, and you will have it again my friend.

    • Thanks for “getting it”, Myrtha. We have so much control over so many emotions. We need to pick and choose when and where to express ourselves. But like you said…I choose Joy because God blessed me with that when I had my boys.

  2. My heart aches for you!!! And I admire you tremendously!!! The fact that you have put your young son’s needs above your own speaks volumes about what a phenomenal mom you are!! I’m glad that God is giving you peace during this time!!!

    • Thanks Kim!! I do it all for my boy now. I’ll have to gain some strength from your blog now cuz I need to stop eating all this comfort food and get those endorphins kicking in!! Help!! 🙂

  3. Thank you Kim. My son will see me be sad but I will not let him see me get so consumed that I forget about him. I want him to see that losing someone obviously comes with sadness and hurt but there’s a limit that a 6 year old should see. I can try and control that. Take care!!

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