Who Will YOU Listen To Today?



Funny how things just happen.  Or do they?   Besides it being my husband’s birthday yesterday it really started out like an ordinary day.  I was actually kind of excited because my husband decided he would be able to pick the kids up from school so that meant I actually had my lunch to myself.  So, I got on Facebook.  And what did I see?  A message from an old college friend offering two beautiful prayers that she had prayed when her mother-in-law was having open heart surgery.  I was moved to tears.

Shortly thereafter, my phone rang and I saw a familiar face (literally, I mean how many of you actually know that your huge face pops up on my phone because my phone is synced to Facebook??  That makes my heart smile.).  At first I thought that person had butt dialed but I answered anyway and he hadn’t butt dialed!  His fingers did!  Intentionally.  My sweet friend, that I hardly see, called to say he was thinking about Joaquin as we prepared for his third open heart surgery.  My eyes watered.  This person decided to pick up the phone, out of the blue and just say “We’re thinking of you and we’re here if you need anything”.  He didn’t feel awkward (if he did, he didn’t sound it).  He just did it.  Perhaps he just felt what was in his heart and just went with it.

I have been so blessed these past few weeks.  And to solidify my blessings I received yet another random phone call.  This time from another college friend that I hadn’t seen in years.  This girl is hardly on Facebook but I just thought “Oh, she must have gotten on Facebook and seen that Joaquin was having surgery so she decided to check in on me”. Nope.  My friend had no idea what was in store for Joaquin.  She really had just called because something told her to.

Now, this friend is a true Catholic in every sense of the word.  The type that prays the rosary often, knows all the Saints (yeah, I wouldn’t doubt that she knows them on a personal level, too) and knows almost everything about Catholicism.  She’s what I strive to be.  She’s not perfect.  In fact, she’s hilarious and admits to her mistakes but constantly let’s God guide her.  Anyway – we got to talking about life and what was coming up in the next few days for our family and I shared with her about how calm I was lately.  I told her that it hadn’t come easy but rather with a lot of meditative prayer.  And it seemed to be working.  She finished by saying that she was proud at how I’ve decided to carry my cross.  And how, like Mary, I decided to step aside and watch my son (all 4 years old of him) carry his own cross and let God do His will with him.  And we both agreed that the Holy Spirit had been working through all of us that day.  From the prayers to those last phone calls.  Those people were being spoken to by God yesterday and they actually chose to listen.  And when we listen to Him, we can actually be more like Him.  Caring, thoughtful, compassionate, selfless.  So stop and smell the roses but don’t forget to perk up those ears to His voice while you’re at it.  You just might do something great today if you do.



4 thoughts on “Who Will YOU Listen To Today?

  1. Your message is truly beautiful! My name is Aricela, and I am in Brenda Buckner’s pediatric clinical. She has told us a bit about your mission to help other families with children born with congenital heart defects, and it is so inspiring. I look forward to learning about Joaquin and how this week progresses. Today I will have my heart and ears open, and I will keep your family and Joaquin in my prayers.

  2. Hello! My name is Veronica Pafford and I am a nursing student of Brenda Buckners. I look forward to following your blog and thank you for sharing 🙂

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